Friday, 10 October 2014

DIY Decor Projects

The school holidays are drawing to an end - phew! I often post DIY projects that you can do with/for your kids over the holidays, but I've found a few super cute decor projects that you might want to try when you have a quiet, child-free moment.

As you know, animal print is very popular at the moment, and I've seen some gorgeous leopard print wallpaper around. If you're the creative type you will be a whizz at painting your own spots with the help of a stencil and a steady hand. It will be time consuming, but the end result is pretty amazing.

Perhaps you're a dab hand with a needle and thread, then this gorgeous tassel blanket will be easy for you to create.

You can find many amazing Ikea-hack projects online and this Mr. Moon lamp is one of my favourites.

Mr. Moon's face has been borrowed from the print by Martin Krusche and hand painted onto an Ikea Fado table lamp. What a sweet little bedside light it makes.

Another simple and very effective Ikea-hack is this little reading corner. Use Ikea shelves to form the bench seat with built-in storage, and top with your choice of cushioning. A piece of foam cut to size with a brightly coloured cover would be ideal.

Do any of these projects inspire you to get creating, if so, which one? I think I'm going to try the Mr. Moon lamp for the twins' room.

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