Monday, 20 October 2014

Light & Bright

Last year I did a blog post called "Light & Bright" with the intention of making it a regular feature. I don't know why I haven't done any since, as I love the idea behind it, but I will definitely make an effort to bring you more. I am a lover of colour, but I also appreciate a beautiful neutral space, so I have chosen different areas of the home, one example of which is 'light' and one which is 'bright' - you decide which speaks loudest to you.

As with all of my favourite neutrals, this outdoor space works so well because of the beautiful mix of textures and layers of subtle tones. The sofa looks deliciously comfy, and I love the patina of the concrete.


Now this awesome outdoor area has a very beachy, natural base, but those pops of red and gold make it a really inviting setting.


Aaah, how I love a well styled bookshelf! On the left the books' spines are all facing inwards leaving only the white pages visible. It's kept quiet and sophisticated with the brass ornaments, and only a tiny hint of colour. On the right the spines of the books are the feature and have been organised in their colour groups for maximum impact.

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A beautiful, 'grown-up' living room, the white and grey tones are warmed up by the touches of wood and brass.


Once again, my bright room has a neutral base. It's the way I like to decorate - start neutral and then layer the colour and pattern on top. That way you can add a little or a lot, depending on your taste. The rug is the 'hero', and the blue is then picked up in the decor around, and balanced by the yellow and orange tones.


I think this dining room is sooo cute - oh so sensible and classic, but then there are those gorgeous pink legs! Mostly light, but a teeny bit bright - love it!


Because the table and chairs (and the cabinetry behind) are so vibrant and eye-catching in this dining room, it's nice to keep everything around them pared back. Except for the little bit of red in the lights upstairs - that provides a visual link between the two levels.

So which are you?... a light or a bright person, or somewhere inbetween?


  1. I always want to be/try to be light but then ALWAYS end up SUPER bright. Should stop fighting it I guess. PS: I am obsessed with the third photo down. Gorgeous! xo

    1. I'm exactly the same Fi - just can't help adding in colour and pattern. It's what makes me happy :) x


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