Thursday 2 October 2014

Adore Home Magazine | The Spring Edition

I'm sorry about the late blog post today. I'm still on major catch-up mode after a week in Aussie last week, and school holidays just aren't helping! It was a slight shock to arrive back from temperatures of 27°C to a more chilly 16°C last weekend, but today is a beautiful Spring day in Hawke's Bay, and with daylight savings giving us longer days, it makes me excited about what's to come.

I put some time aside this morning to read the latest Spring edition of Adore magazine, and that certainly helped improve my mood. The photos I've chosen from this issue epitomise my idea of Spring and Summer living - gorgeous colour and pattern, lots of global influences, and entertaining, including a fantastic spread on places to visit in Bali.

If you love Adore magazine as much as I do, you should pop over to their Pozible page and pledge to help Loni produce an annual printed copy of the magazine. It will feature favourite homes from all of the 2014 online magazines plus a few new homes photographed specially for the annual edition. As well it will showcase the latest in homewares, product trends and store/designer profiles. I've just pledged my support by pre-ordering one copy, and it only cost $24, including shipping. Your credit card doesn't get charged until they reach their target, and with only a few days to go, Loni needs your support.

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