Friday, 28 September 2012

Black & White Bliss

It's hard to beat a lovely white bedspread. Add a Kantha throw and some bright pillows, like I have in our room, for an injection of colour; or keep your pillows white and throw over a soft gray cashmere blanket for a touch of subtle luxury.

I adore what they've done in this bedroom. Some black pillows and a striking black feature wall really makes the white pop. Add a touch of silver and pink - ah, perfection!

via Stylizimo


  1. I would absolutely love a white duvet and somehow seems perfect both for Summer and Winter.

  2. Yes yes yes! This is definitely my cup of tea! I have all white bedding and a few colourful scatter cushions (which my husband hates) - but I love the addition of texture with the knitted throw and the black wall behind!

  3. Beautiful! I'm a die-hard fan of black and white and this bedroom is a stunner. Love the touch of pink! x

  4. A touch of pink is just perfect with black and white. Have a wonderful weekend Vic :)

    Abbey x

  5. I'm seeing more and more painted floor boards and more and more I want to have my matai ones sanded back and a white wash applied over.

    I love the bedroom above it has a fresh, lazy, Sunday morning look to it.

    Lee :)

  6. LOVE all of these kantha quilts, so beautifully produced and perfect for cold weather. Such a beautiful blog you wrote.

    You can find some more on my etsy shop as well


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