Thursday, 28 June 2012

A Crush on Velvet

I've recently been posting a lot of velvet, both here on my blog, and on my Facebook page.
I just find it so delicious, so sensory! It looks beautiful, it feels exquisite, and, if used correctly, is super elegant and styish. A velvet sofa is my top pick, and I've collected some of my favs to show you. Are you a fan of velvet too?

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  1. The green velvet sofa in the first pic is my favorite shade of green. I always thought I'd love to have a plush green velvet sofa. Now you've made me want one even more!

  2. I am a huge fan! Currently, we are stuck with a horrible leather monstrosity that we got when we moved in but I am hoping that my first sofa purchase will be blue velvet chesterfield, much like the green beauty in the 4th pic!

  3. So glam! Love the Velvet in any colour xx

  4. Ooh I love image 3 I would love to have that chaise, so unusual. I love velvet and it makes beautiful cushions. Lovely post, I love that you find things so different.

    Lee ☺

  5. Oh I'm with you Vic! A velvet couch is on my wish list too. So glam and luxurious! Love that first green one :)

    Abbey x

  6. Gorgeous, but a nightmare for white dog fur!


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