Thursday, 7 June 2012

Small on Space, but Big on Style

This Barcelona apartment is a great example of how you can make a tiny apartment work for you. Open plan living, great storage and every corner used to it's full advantage.
A neutral colour palette of white and light wood helps give a spacious feel, with just a few pops of bright orange to liven it up, without being too overwhelming. My favourite part is the loft bed, and the bathroom tucked cleverly underneath (although you wouldn't want to be a sleep walker!) :)



  1. Oh! Talk about a clever use of space! The bathroom is my favourite room (droooooooling over those tiles)!

  2. I love seeing small spaces decorated so well. It's quite a talent to make a small space look interesting and full without appearing cluttered. And you're right Vic, no sleepwalkers for that loft bed!

    Abbey x


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