Monday 2 July 2012

The Vow

While hubby was away on a mountain biking trip this weekend, it was the perfect opportunity for me to get cosy and watch a hopelessly romantic chick flick. The Vow, starring Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum is about a couple, crazy in love, whose lives are ripped apart when they're involved in a car accident. Paige (Rachel) comes out of a coma, and has absolutely no memory of the last five years of her life. Her husband Leo (Channing) has to try and win her heart all over again.

The whole time I was absorbed in this gorgeous love story (and Channing's abs!), I was also hyper aware of the incredibly cool apartment that Paige and Leo lived in. As a creative couple, Paige is an artist and sculptor, and Leo owns a record studio, their home has a cool Bohemian feel with industrial touches and a gorgeous mix of pattern and colour.

The movie's production designer, Kalina Ivanov, is largely responsible for the interior sets. Kalina started with a raw, unfinished space for Paige & Leo's apartment, and built layer upon layer of detail, right down to their coffee cups, to create an incredible space which brings a depth of history to the characters and their story.

The loft starts out as a bachelor pad where Leo lives & works with his musician roommates.

Once Paige movies in, the loft becomes a more organised, living space reflecting their creative, more grown-up sides.

Guitars hang on the wall for Leo, and layers of colour and pattern add warmth and a homely feel. If you look very carefully at the sofa in this pic (it's easier to see in the movie) you can see a blue Kantha quilt, like the ones in our Cush & Nooks shop.

Some of the details in the kitchen reflect it's former life as The Wrigley Gum factory, like the clock and light fittings. The rest of the materials are things that Paige and Leo would be able to afford.

I loved the bedroom! The Suzani coverlet, with it's exuberant pattern, was the inspiration for the entire set. And I really love the painting over the bed.

Paige's studio has the homey clutter of a busy in-demand artist. The sketches on the wall are Kalina's actual sketches for Paige's sculptures, which she also designed.

When Paige moves back into the city, her new home reflects the eclectic creativity of a woman rediscovering herself as a person and an artist.

The beautiful Rachel McAdams. She stars in my other favourite love story, The Notebook.

Channing Tatum is absolutely gorgeous as Leo. I have to say, if I woke up from a coma and he told me he was my husband, I'd be leaping into his arms! ;) This photo is from one of my favourite scenes in the movie - do you remember it, if you've seen it? If you haven't seen it, and you like a good love story, I highly recommend The Vow.

Apartment photos via Apartment Therapy and Kalina Ivanov; all others Google Images


  1. I adore Rachel McAdams and I read the book 'The Vow' about a month ago and enjoyed it so will put this on the must-watch list! xo K

  2. I can't decide which one I like more: the kitchen, the bedroom or Channing Tatum! I will definitely be adding this one to my list!

  3. Oooh I must see this movie, I am a real romantic at heart and maybe I can get it out on video and mum can watch it too. I guess it's too early though and its not got a video copy out. I might see if I can get my son to grandma sit and go and see it at my local if it's on.

    I love the studio area in the apartment, wishing mine was not so tinsy tiny and at the moment full of a lot of my mums stuff.

    Lee ☺

  4. This does look like a cool apartment. Love the super wide entry way with the African art over it. I have "girlie" movie I'm holding onto for a husband's night out too (The Holiday?). It's an old one but I'm told also lovely home(s).

  5. Great post Vic! I really enjoyed this movie too and you're right, the sets were amazing! Oh to be an artist and live in a funky warehouse apartment...

    Abbey x

  6. I love the painting over the bed too :) it is simple yet perfect.. I am planning to do one like that but maybe change the colours although the combination is so beautiful.
    Thank you for the post :) I've been looking for this painting all over the internet

  7. Does anyone know the actual location of their loft?


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