Thank you for your interest in advertising on Cush & Nooks. Launched in March 2011, Cush & Nooks is an interior design blog that covers topics such as interior design & styling, beautiful homes, homewares, photography, art, crafts, furniture, fashion and more.

Both the blog and the Cush & Nooks Facebook page have become a valuable online resource for design inspiration, and an online destination for those who share my passion for interior design and beauty in all it's forms.

With a loyal and ever-growing audience, Cush & Nooks provides excellent advertising opportunities to companies and brands who understand the power of the internet world.
My audience is predominantly female, aged between 25 and 45 years. I have a world wide audience, my top viewers are from New Zealand, Australia and USA.

If you think you would fit in well here at Cush & Nooks, and would like to advertise with us, or promote your business in a blog post, please email me for a media kit.

Thank you, Vic Bibby x
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