Friday 30 March 2012

Wooden Crate Stairs

Carrying on from yesterday's DIY wooden rustic theme, I'm now going to show you some really cool wooden stairs that were handpainted to look like they're made out of old crates. Inspired by some classic labels and logos, the stairs were created with stencils, paint and varnish. Different treads were used to add to the funky, eclectic look, including old wooden rulers. You can read more about the technique here.

Thursday 29 March 2012

DIY Tables

I must admit it was the vibrant colours that first attracted me to this photo, and the beautiful Moroccan feel. But on closer inspection, I really love the rustic old table, especially after reading how it was created for the photo shoot. It was a bohemian-themed shoot for DIY Network, and Claire Zinnecker, the stylist, wanted a low, rustic table for easy lounging on sumptuous cushions and rugs. She came across some old bed posts that she knew would make perfect legs, and topped them with simple wooden planks - voilĂ !

It got me thinking about another cool table I featured recently on my Facebook page that used an old door as a table top. I had people asking me where to get trestle legs so that they could create this look themselves. My suggestion was to scour the 2nd hand shops to try and find really great old rustic trestle legs, or get a carpenter to make some for you.

But there are other solutions as well. These pics following use Ikea trestle legs, caster wheels, vintage suitcases, and very large old table legs. Is anyone inspired yet? I would love to know (or see photos) of some cool DIY projects you have created.

Image source: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

Wednesday 28 March 2012

House Hunting in Sweden?

I gave you a sneak peek of this home yesterday. It is an apartment found on a Swedish real estate website. I would buy this is a heartbeat, and ask (fingers crossed) if it came fully furnished! As is typical of a lot of Scandinavian homes, it starts with a white canvas with quite neutral furniture featured in white, black, grey and natural wood. But is is the layers of colour and pattern, and interesting objects carefully placed throughout that turn this home into a visual feast!

image source

Tuesday 27 March 2012

Sonny Angels

Phew, it's been a busy day! So just a quick posting from me today. Tomorrow I'm going to take you on another stunning house tour - one to inspire you and make you drool! In the meantime I'll show you one cute room from that house...

Do you see those little dolls all in a row on the right hand side? Well, I've been seeing them around a bit recently, and oh how divine! They are called Sonny Angels, and there is huge range of them, all with different wee hats - love them!

Sonny Angels image source: 1 | 2

Monday 26 March 2012

The BYO Coffee Cup

What better way to start my week but to be sitting out in the glorious sun at my favourite cafe, Milk & Honey, across the road from the beach. My girlfriend & were perusing the latest Homestyle magazine while sipping our coffee and catching up on the weekend activity - life's hard, I know! And to top that, I got to try out my new BYO coffee cup from Hookturn Industries for the first time.

It's a cool looking silicone coffee cup that you can re-use again and again. I'm all for looking after this glorious planet of ours, and this is one more way to help reduce the landfill mass. It's perfect for filling up at home and taking with you on those busy mornings. And I'll definitely be getting Milk & Honey to make my latté in it, so I can sip it leisurely at the kid's favourite park over the road. I chose mine in my Scandi colours of black & white, but there are all kinds of different colour combinations, and it's available in an 8oz or 12oz size. It's lovely and tactile to hold with it's grooved body, and cool to the touch while still keeping your coffee piping hot - perfect!

Luckily for you, Hookturn is giving all my lovely readers the chance to win one of your very own. If you 'like' Hookturn Industries on Facebook you'll go in to the draw to win a 12oz BYO Coffee Cup. 'Liking' Cush & Nooks on Facebook gives you an extra chance to win. The draw will take place in a week's time - Monday 2 April - and the winner will be announced right here and on my Facebook page. So get 'liking' and good luck. xxx

Friday 23 March 2012

A Work of Art Uncovered

This is the most incredible home - an 18th-century flat in the middle of Barcelona owned by architect Benedetta Tagliabue and her family. When Milan-born Tagliabue discovered the building it was in a terrible state. Situated in a part of the old town which was perceived to be for families who did not have the means to move to the brighter new burbs, it had been owned by the same family for generations. The owner at the time lived uptown and had never set foot in the flat. The previous occupants had knocked down interior walls and the floor and ceiling were collapsing.

The first priority, once they bought the residence, was to make it structurally safe. But as the architects peeled away the walls like an onion, a frieze of vivid 18th-century decorative murals was revealed. These and countless other period elements that were discovered have been left to revel in their deteriorated state. The amazing light created by the central patio, and the delightful patterned tiles found throughout have helped to lift the home to almost mythical status among the city's most respected designers and architects. And to think that Benedetta and her husband bought their beautiful home for the same price as they would've a modest two-bedroom apartment in another part of the city.


Thursday 22 March 2012

Two Become One

This gorgeous Swedish home started out life as two small flats, but they were in such a state of disrepair that the owners knocked down walls and started again, creating one beautiful space. With it's lovely simplistic colour scheme of white and black and just enough colour added, it's definitely my kind of home! I like the mix of modern and pre-loved pieces - just enough to make it look homely, without feeling cluttered.

Love the artwork that can be easily interchangeable

Beautiful wallpaper

Note the cool inset wine rack in the photo to the left and the one above

image source

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