Tuesday 13 March 2012

The home of Stine A Johansen

Stine A Johansen is a Danish jewellery designer, and, as is the case with most artists, she has created a vibrant and beautiful home to live in. It sometimes happens that I come across individual images that I fall in love with, and then am thrilled to find the entire home on another occasion. This happened here - I'd seen Stine's bedroom before and loved the large painting over the bed. Now that I see the other rooms it's obvious that her choice of artwork has a huge impact on the style of her home. As is typical of Scandinavian design, the backdrop is white & natural wood with burst of colour & design. The strong, vibrant colours are balanced by the white and the limited, but carefully chosen, objects and furniture.

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  1. What a gorgeous home, I love her choice of art! xo K

  2. I have to state the obvious and say that the artwork is breathtaking! I also really love the dining room chairs!


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