Wednesday 28 March 2012

House Hunting in Sweden?

I gave you a sneak peek of this home yesterday. It is an apartment found on a Swedish real estate website. I would buy this is a heartbeat, and ask (fingers crossed) if it came fully furnished! As is typical of a lot of Scandinavian homes, it starts with a white canvas with quite neutral furniture featured in white, black, grey and natural wood. But is is the layers of colour and pattern, and interesting objects carefully placed throughout that turn this home into a visual feast!

image source


  1. Ooh, that's lovely Vic! xo K

  2. I love the way all the different shades of grey and black pop agains the white background. And just the right amount of colour sprinkled through too - lovely!

    Abbey x

  3. These photos are from a real estate website? Why doesn't the North American real estate industry take photography this seriously in the selling process? Gorgeous photos! Beautiful home.

  4. This house is so you in it's design, I can see why you love it. I have some images coming up soon on a post next week that immediately made me think about you and your style and your shop.


  5. I really like that work station area (second image). It is simple, graphic and functional.


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