Friday 31 August 2012

A Splash of Neon

You know how much I love colour, so no surprise that I'm a fan of the very popular neon look we're enjoying, both in fashion and interiors. It does take me back to my teenage years in the 80's when we all wore 'fluro' (now that's showing my age!). But, because it's pretty intense, I like it best in small doses. Just a hint here and a splash there - that's perfect!

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Thursday 30 August 2012

Embracing Colour

Natalie and Kevin were thrilled when they found their perfect two story apartment in Parkdale, Toronto, Canada. It was large and light-filled, and best of all, within their budget. With Natalie's quirky, vintage/bohemian style, she'll show you how you can turn a rented apartment into a home, by filling it with personality and love.

Molly, the boston terrier, greets you at the door.

Stepping down into the home, you get an immediate sense of fun and quirkiness.

This divine Kilim rug forced Natalie to move away from her love of safe neutrals and embrace colour.

Lots of natural materials and colours are used throughout, with small injections of brighter colour.

Art in the form of arrows, anchors and accessories.

Another example of natural materials and pops of colour.

Objects that have meaning to you add personality to your home.

Bold, graphic shapes teamed with organic natural pieces.

I love those wrestlers - just the sort of unexpected thing that makes you smile.

Mugshot prints feature in the kitchen.

Artwork and a dresser add a personal touch to the bathroom.

More photos and info over here

Wednesday 29 August 2012

All the Love in the World

I think you'll like this, it's a pretty cool concept. All the Love in the World is the work of Melbourne designer and photographer, Jesse Hunter. When Jesse and his partner, Mikala, decided to quit their graphic design jobs and travel around the world, they found love wherever they went. Armed with a camera and a sense of adventure, they visited 44 countries on six continents in 650 days.

Jesse noticed at the beginning of this epic voyage that there was a pattern to what he was photographing - interesting house numbers, intriguing windows, and sewer plates. But the most prominent thing was love hearts. So every place he visited Jesse photographed love hearts in all shapes and form.

Back in Australia, Jesse now wants to turn these photos into a book, and is running a campaign to gather enough pre-orders so that he can print 500 copies. What a perfect wedding, engagement or anniversary gift it would make, or just a gift for someone you love.

I 'love' the cover which is created from over 800 individual love hearts.

Each page features the name of the city and country the photograph was taken in, and uses a different font to suit each image.

Some of the hearts are very blatant, and others are less obvious and you find yourself doing a 'where's wally' search for them.

For more information and ways you can help, and secure your own copy of this gorgeous book, click here.

Tuesday 28 August 2012

Bedroom Trilogy

I'd like to start my post today by thanking Abbey from Gild and Grace for introducing me to the Everygirl. It's a site created by two friends, Alaina Kaczmarski and Danielle Moss, to inspire and guide the 'everyday girl' in her life. It covers topics such as career, food, fashion, finance, health, travel, and of course, living.

I particularly love their recent posts about styling a bed, and bedside table, put together by lifestyle blogger and owner of Furbish Studio, Jamie Meares. So, headboard or no headboard? Here are three looks that Jamie created...

A traditional headboard can be a real feature. Make it the focal point and keep your pillows quite simple.

Your bedside table needs to be practical as well as look good, and reflect your personality. Lamps and books are essential for bedtime reading; a clock is handy so you're not late for work; candles are great for ambience; and some personal touches, such as a photo, flowers, or a cute container for your jewels.

Be creative, you can replace a traditional headboard with alternatives, such as this bamboo screen. A drop of wallpaper or fabric can look fabulous too.

If you only have a small bedside table a stack of books always looks great. Not only do you have a range of reading material on hand, it's a mini shelf for displaying a clock or candle, and creates height for added interest. The artwork leaning against the wall also adds depth to this collection, and saves you hammering a nail into the wall.

My personal favourite is using a large piece of art in place of a headboard. Or use pillows as a focal point, layering with large Euro pillows at the back.

Consider having a taller bookshelf in place of a bedside table. They're perfect for additional storage, and give you the chance to showcase your favourite mementos. After all, your bedroom is your sanctuary, and you want it to be filled with things you love.

My pick from these looks would be the painting in place of a headboard, and the gorgeous green bedside tables. Do you have a favourite?

Monday 27 August 2012

Reading Material

I have updated the online magazine column (below right), and there a couple of gorgeous new issues out. Fete issue no. 4 is embracing the last of the cooler months (for those of us down under) and share some great ideas for passing the time. Be warned... it will make you very hungry!

My other favourite article is the one about the very funky graphic design studio in Adelaide, Parallax. I've worked in a few not-so-inspiring workplaces, so I absolutely love the environment they have created here, including the in-house caravan for private meetings and brainstorming.

I love how the girls have colour coordinated their outfits with the interior for the shoot

Inside the caravan - the perfect spot for a casual meeting, so cool!

The meeting room and subtly sign written street window

Also with a new issue out is Funkytime. If you love craft and DIY, you absolutely need to check this out. It's chocka full of fun projects for you to create. Even if, like me, you're not so crafty, but just love colour and pretty things, this is a must-see magazine.

Friday 24 August 2012

Kristin Perers Photography

At the end of another busy week, let me inject some more colour and pattern in to your life by way of the fabulous photography of Kristin Perers. Speaking of colour, Kristin has had an amazing and colourful life to date... 

Born in Chicago, raised in Florida, she now resides in East London. After studying fashion design and painting she began her career designing for such companies as Calvin Klein, Banana Republic and Giorgio Armani. As often happens after the birth of your children, Kristin's path changed. Writing a book, The Seasonal Home, led her to working as a photographic stylist. But it was after volunteering as a photographer on a charity project in Mozambique that she realised she loved to be behind a camera.

Kristin's combined background in design, painting and styling all come into play in her work as a photographer. I think her work is exquisite, and life seems to have taken her to exactly where she needs to be!

Thursday 23 August 2012

Kiwi Flavour

A lot of the homes that I feature in my blog are international - Scandinavian, European, Australian... so I was stoked to come across this gorgeous home on Design Sponge that belongs to Auckland couple Kate Alexander and Matt Kardos, and their kids, Molly and Harry. Kate is the managing director of the design company Studio Alexander, and also the fabulous print store Endemic World.

Kate's creativity is evident when you look around their home, she obviously shares my love of colour, black & white, and graphic patterns and prints. Lots of Kiwi touches throughout confirm that you are definitely in a New Zealand home, a very cool one at that!

A print by New Zealand artist, Pat Hanly, sits above a red kiwi and a black tiki - definitely a kiwi home!

More NZ art, this time by Dick Frizell. Also on display, a simple mobile and Kate's growing bottle collection.

I bet this chair could tell a few stories! It once belonged to Matt's parents.

A gorgeous Citta Design cushion and the Mau print make an impact in the living room. 

More cushion love, and a Botanical Assembly print available from Endemic World.

The black feature wall looks amazing in the light, bright kitchen, and the perfect backdrop
for Kate and Matt's 'tools' artwork.

More Kiwi flavour in the bedroom - the light is by David Trubridge and the throw is from Wallace Cotton.

Kate sits at the desk made by Matt and his dad.
If you look carefully you can see a cool 'Foundry' print featured on the computer.

Harry's room is sporting dinosaurs and a 'Kiss' light by NZ designer, Catherine David.

Kate's studio looks like a totally fun place to get creative.

Super organised, Kate made mood boards for each room in their house.
Photography by Kristian Frires.

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