Monday, 20 August 2012

Evie Kemp Cushions

I absolutely adore the latest addition to the Cush & Nooks online store. These stunning cushions by talented designer and illustrator, Evie Kemp, are limited editions with only 10 of each design made. Don't muck around, they're already flying out the door!

Inspired by tribal and ethnic influences, mark making, and iconography, with Evie's unique twist and illustrative style, the range of cushions feature two different coloured sides with contrasting prints. At 50cm square with the hand drawn illustration screen printed on to 100% pure linen, they are striking on their own, or grouped together - Gorgeous!


  1. These are so unusual! I really love the designs (definitely statement pieces), the grey ones would look fabulous on my bed!

  2. I bet they are Vic! They are so bright and fun!

    Abbey x

  3. Lovely colours Vic. Great to see some lovely local designs. Great find! Annie x

  4. Oh these are gorgeous Vic, I especially love the orange and pink ones, orange is so in for this coming Summer.

    Lee :)


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