Monday 6 August 2012

Genbyg Design

Many of us are embracing the art of upcycling. Upcycling is taking something that would otherwise be thrown out and finding a way to make it into something better. Not only are you helping our planet, but do it right, and you're creating something really cool.

Genbyg Design are doing it right. A Danish company, they specialise in creating amazing furniture out of used building materials. They process the materials contained in their joinery workshop and collaborate with other designers to develop products that are both beautiful to look at and to pay for.

This desk is made from old filing drawers

Old window frames turned into a room divider

A bookcase made of rolling scaffolding and varnished floor boards

Gorgeous stool - the base is made from old doors, and the padding is a used leather jacket

A mosaic of old floorboards create a unique wall decoration

A desk of varnished floorboards


  1. I have been dying to embark on an upcycling project - the window frames as room dividers has given me a really good idea!

  2. Those Danes are a clever bunch aren't they?! And have this whole design business all sorted :) love the trestle table most.

    Abbey x

  3. Such great pieces. I really like mix of sleek and rustic on those stools.

  4. Beautiful! I am very into upcycling. It gives everything so much character. I start my furniture re-upholstery class this weekend and am super excited to breath some life into sad old furniture.


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