Friday 24 August 2012

Kristin Perers Photography

At the end of another busy week, let me inject some more colour and pattern in to your life by way of the fabulous photography of Kristin Perers. Speaking of colour, Kristin has had an amazing and colourful life to date... 

Born in Chicago, raised in Florida, she now resides in East London. After studying fashion design and painting she began her career designing for such companies as Calvin Klein, Banana Republic and Giorgio Armani. As often happens after the birth of your children, Kristin's path changed. Writing a book, The Seasonal Home, led her to working as a photographic stylist. But it was after volunteering as a photographer on a charity project in Mozambique that she realised she loved to be behind a camera.

Kristin's combined background in design, painting and styling all come into play in her work as a photographer. I think her work is exquisite, and life seems to have taken her to exactly where she needs to be!


  1. Gorgeous! Easy to see why you like her work so much, such richness and texture x

  2. So in love with these photos and styles. Especially loving the first photo. Sounds like she is one of those extremely multi talented people that can master just about anything with little effort!

  3. These are stunning Vic! I love all the bright clashing patterns. Such a talent to be able to put that many fabrics together in one space and make it look effortless!
    Have a fab weekend :)

    Abbey x

  4. Love all of the saturated colours. Everything is somehow so vibrant.

  5. As one on her second career, I love these stories! Isn't she clever combining such a wonderful '1st career' into something she loves and works with family...and she is obviously very talented at! Loved the images thanks Vic. We're having some Spring like, warm sunny weather in Auckland - hope you're enjoying the same. Have a lovely weekend. Annie x.

  6. Some fabulous images here Vic, a feast of texture and colours.

    Lee :)

  7. a delightful visual pleasure......


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