Monday 27 August 2012

Reading Material

I have updated the online magazine column (below right), and there a couple of gorgeous new issues out. Fete issue no. 4 is embracing the last of the cooler months (for those of us down under) and share some great ideas for passing the time. Be warned... it will make you very hungry!

My other favourite article is the one about the very funky graphic design studio in Adelaide, Parallax. I've worked in a few not-so-inspiring workplaces, so I absolutely love the environment they have created here, including the in-house caravan for private meetings and brainstorming.

I love how the girls have colour coordinated their outfits with the interior for the shoot

Inside the caravan - the perfect spot for a casual meeting, so cool!

The meeting room and subtly sign written street window

Also with a new issue out is Funkytime. If you love craft and DIY, you absolutely need to check this out. It's chocka full of fun projects for you to create. Even if, like me, you're not so crafty, but just love colour and pretty things, this is a must-see magazine.


  1. Ooh lovely I can't wait to have a read of this issue! :) xo K

  2. Hadn't seen these Vic! Will have to check them out, though might keep fete for after I get through my 8 week quitting sugar program!

    Abbey x

    1. Definitely Abbey. I don't know how you're doing it, I am such a sweet tooth! x

  3. Oh that first pictures just spiked my hunger! Can't wait to check out the Funkytime issue as well.


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