Friday 29 June 2012

Weekend Reading

Just in time for the weekend, I'm updating a couple of my fantastic online magazines - Rue and Heart Home. As usual, they're both full of loveliness and inspiration. Below is a bit of a sneak peek into a couple of the homes featured. Enjoy your weekend.

Thursday 28 June 2012

A Crush on Velvet

I've recently been posting a lot of velvet, both here on my blog, and on my Facebook page.
I just find it so delicious, so sensory! It looks beautiful, it feels exquisite, and, if used correctly, is super elegant and styish. A velvet sofa is my top pick, and I've collected some of my favs to show you. Are you a fan of velvet too?

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Wednesday 27 June 2012

Stephen Busken - Part 2

As promised, I'm following on from yesterday's post with some more fabulous photography by Stephen Busken. What I love about these interiors is the style and personality present in each one. It is often the details of a person's home that really makes it come alive - a unique piece of furniture, a coffee table vignette, or a cool painting speaks volumes...

Tuesday 26 June 2012

Stephen Busken - Part 1

Let me introduce you to one fabulous photographer, Stephen Busken. I'm in awe of his work and the amazing interiors in his portfolio. Stephen is a Los Angeles based photographer best known for his entertainment related portraiture and advertising work. But because I am all about the interiors, that's what I'll be showing you. In fact, there were so many I liked, I'm splitting them over two posts. If you like what you see below, make sure you come back tomorrow. And, by the way, although these two guys below are very easy on the eye, it's the cool vignette's behind them that I like (yeah right, I hear you say!).

Monday 25 June 2012

Blackballoon Meets Tine K

I recently came across Blackballoon, a Scandinavian lifestyle store featuring homeware and fashion from a number of major Danish Brands. One of the biggest and most well known of those brands is Tine K Home

And what really excited me was that over at the Blackballoon blog, they had been invited to take a tour around the home of Tine herself. Anyone who is familiar with the Tine K brand, and with Scandinavian design, will really appreciate the beautifully understated elegance found in this gorgeous home. With it's subtle colour palette, and stunning texture and detail, the home is warm and inviting.

Friday 22 June 2012

Dream Home

I have to admit that I've seen this home on a few blogs over the last week or so, but it's so gorgeous I just had to feature it, if only so I can refer back to it whenever I want. But I'm sure that any of you that haven't already seen the home of Heidi Middleton, Creative Director & Head Designer at Sass & Bide, will be thanking me.

41 kms north of Sydney, set above the sparkling blue ocean sits the most stunning home. The home's facade looks over the bay, and gets all day sun, and the floor to ceiling windows take full advantage of this. Heidi's favourite outfits include pairing gorgeous vintage pieces with new purchases, and that is reflected in her home which is filled with a beautiful eclectic mix of new and old. This is most evident when you see a Rachel Castle print sitting in harmony next to an antique wooden door. The colours, textures and patterns found throughout are simple divine, and I can quite easily say that this is one of my most favourite homes.

see even more photos here

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