Friday, 8 June 2012

The Lake House

If I could have anyone in the whole, entire world come and style my home for me it would be Emily Henderson. I know I've blogged about her before here - I just love her style, she oozes the stuff! Her style of writing always has me laughing, she has a very relaxed, down to earth approach - did I mention I love her?! 

Anyway, enough gushing... I have been following her blog posts about a Lake House she has been styling and renovating, and she has just recently finished it. She runs the story over six posts, so you must go and read them all for more info about her process. But before you do, take a look at the magic she has worked. This is the Lake house - what an idillic spot!...

This is what she faced - cheap, shiny laminate floors, lots of brick work and heavy beams, painted brown!

And voila - after a lot of hard work, Emily and her team have freshened the home up with lots of white paint and new flooring - read here all about it in more detail.

This is the master bedroom, complete with a claw foot bath overlooking the lake - how divine!

These photos taken by Emily are of the finished & furnished home. I'm in love with the blue velvet sofa in the living room. Emily says she will be 'styling the rooms for real' in preparation for a magazine shoot that will be taking place there soon - would love to see that article.


  1. Great use of colors. I'm loving the accent pieces as well. Happy weekend Vic!

  2. I. want. to. live. here!!! I loved it before it had furniture in it (hello white painted brick fireplace and hardwood floors), and loved it even more furnished! I think the blue painted banister and treads on the stairs is genius!

  3. Thank you for sharing! This home is gorgeous and I wasn't familiar with Emily's work before - she's fantastic!


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