Tuesday 26 June 2012

Stephen Busken - Part 1

Let me introduce you to one fabulous photographer, Stephen Busken. I'm in awe of his work and the amazing interiors in his portfolio. Stephen is a Los Angeles based photographer best known for his entertainment related portraiture and advertising work. But because I am all about the interiors, that's what I'll be showing you. In fact, there were so many I liked, I'm splitting them over two posts. If you like what you see below, make sure you come back tomorrow. And, by the way, although these two guys below are very easy on the eye, it's the cool vignette's behind them that I like (yeah right, I hear you say!).


  1. I’m going to have to lower the tone and say that I do love a bit of man candy mixed with some beautiful interiors! :) The second last shot (with those fabulous stools is my favourite)… will definitely be checking back tomorrow!

  2. These are amazing Vic! I love all the artwork spread throughout and that neon sign!! Love it :)

    Abbey x

  3. Eye candy in every single image- looking forward to Part 2!

  4. Gorgeous photography!! Can't wait to see more :) xo K

  5. Hmmm all I can say is gorgeous, ok I'll stop drooling now.....ha


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