Thursday 14 June 2012

My First Home Shoot

I hope all you Kiwi's have checked out the latest Homestyle magazine, it's packed with gorgeous homes and inspiration. One of those homes belongs to a fabulous friend of mine, Hannah - she is a film producer, interior stylist and Mum to the divine little Grace.
The article was written by yours truly, and the photography is by the amazingly talented Sarah Horn. These are some of the photos not used in Homestyle, but make sure you read the whole magazine (if you haven't already) for much, much more.


  1. WHAT AN AWESOME HOME......!!!
    I'm going to check out the website now ;o)
    Tania xx

  2. This is a gorgeous home! I'll have to pick up a copy of the mag tomorrow when I do the shopping, can't wait to have a better peek! Congrats on the article too! :) xo K

  3. Eek congratulations!! It looks like a beautiful home. I will definitely be reading your article this week while I'm at the supermarket ;).

  4. Oh how exciting Vic!! Well done! What a great achievement and the home looks amazing and very much your thing which I'm sure made writing the article all the more fun :)

    Abbey x

  5. oh, I love the photos. Gorgeous. And your dining room talbe + chairs combo is divine!

  6. I don't know the magazinem but the pictures looks very beautiful!! I think it is not to buy in the Netherlands??
    With love, Herma

  7. Oh congratulations that is awesome. Nice to see that Sarah is doing so well too - she's a clever gal!!

  8. That is BIG news Vic- Congratulations!!

  9. I love your blog!!! take a look on my blog and if you like art and fashion, we can follow each other?
    Besos, desde EspaƱa, Marcela♥


It's lovely to hear from you. Thanks for your comment. Best wishes, Vic xxx

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