Wednesday 31 October 2012

November Giveaway

Tomorrow is November, and as a special pre-Christmas giveaway, any purchases made in our Cush & Nooks online store from now until the end of November 2012 will go into the draw to WIN a single Kantha quilt of your choice.


These gorgeous lightweight cotton quilts, worth $150 - $180, are all made in India by piecing together saris and stitching all over by hand with tiny, delicate 'kantha' stitches.
The single size (150cm x 225cm) is perfect as a bedspread on a single bed, or as a throw on a larger bed or sofa. I've also used mine as a table cloth before, which looks amazing.

The winner will be notified by email, and announced on the Cush & Nooks Facebook and Twitter pages at 5pm (New Zealand time) on Friday November 30th.

Tuesday 30 October 2012

Circles + Angles

I don't know what it is exactly about circles that makes me love them so much. They are a symbol of unity and wholeness, and can be seen as protective, nurturing and feminine.
And they are fantastic to incorporate into your home! 
A lot of things in our homes are rectangular in shape - tables, pictures, sofas, books... Look around you, see what I mean?! Adding circles into your home will counterbalance all those angles, soften them, and, in my opinion, contrasts add interest and dynamics to a space.

There are lots of ways to include circles in your home, and you may already have done this unwittingly (or knowingly). On the walls - round mirrors, artwork, clocks, wall plates, hanging hats on hooks looks cool and it's functional; furniture - round tables, ottomans, stools; accessories - lights are often circular, throw a round cushion in with your square ones, circle patterns on fabric. So go on and embrace your curves!

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Monday 29 October 2012

Bonnie and Neil

Bonnie and Neil are a-maz-ing!!! I absolutely love everything they make, and it just keeps getting better. I was totally hooked the first time I saw one of their shadow boxes a couple of years ago. They're made from reclaimed Tasmanian oak with birds, botanical, and geometric patterns printed on the sides. The boxes can be stacked or used alone, as shelving, a bedside table, or purely decorative... however you want.

Bonnie Ashley has a background in textile design and printing, and Neil Downie is a skilled designer and furniture maker. What a perfect way to combine their talents - stories like theirs always inspire me to follow my dream.

Their latest product really excites me! They have designed a range of timber tiles inspired by traditional Mexican tiles, and created as a decorative alternative to wallpaper. The colours and patterns are just divine, I'm crazy about them.

The tiles look fabulous with their range of cushions and textiles, which I have also coveted for some time. Hand screen printed on rustic linens or soft coton velveteens, the designs are bold and graphic and beautiful.

Another of their brilliant ideas... flower mats. Again, made from Tasmanian oak with beautiful patterns printed, they house an amber bottle for a truly unique flower display. Such clever and fabulous products!

Friday 26 October 2012

Fifty Shades of Gray

Sorry, I know that 'Fifty Shades' title has been round the block a few times - I just couldn't resist, and it is quite an apt title for this blog post. You see, I want to talk to you about gray in all it's glorious shades, and how it's a fabulous choice for your walls.

You probably know by now that I love a fresh white wall. But for those of you who find white a little stark, a soft gray is the perfect choice. And likewise, a black wall can look extremely striking, but if black is too dramatic for you, how about a charcoal gray?!

So many colours and styles look great with gray - black & white Scandi style; the industrial look, brilliant in a kitchen teamed with stainless steel; pops of bright colour look gorgeous on a gray background; it's a fab neutral choice for a child's room, add whatever colour you want in the bedding and accessories; or a soft soothing gray creates a calm environment in an adult's bedroom.

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Thursday 25 October 2012

The Home of Stylist Anna Church

I've got another fabulous home to show you today. It belongs to the lovely New Zealand stylist, Anna Church, and is situated on the beautiful Waiheke Island, off the coast of Auckland, New Zealand.

It has a definite Kiwi/Pacific flavour, with warm, sandy tones throughout, and pops of sea blue. Straw hats, wooden oars, and tropical cushions add to the theme. It's completely in keeping with the beautiful, relaxed vibe you get on Waiheke.

Like all good stylists, Anna has the ability to find everyday objects and group them together to make stunning compositions. You can achieve a look like this on a budget - Anna customised the dresser below, and combined it with shells, flowers, and roadside finds. The artwork is one of my favourites by Nikki Apse, inspired by a fish and chips menu.

I love the modern, bright yellow cord light paired with the rustic cane light shade in the bedroom. The artwork above the bed is by talented Waiheke artist, Emma Wright.

The sculptural wire chairs came all the way from the Camden markets in London. And now they sit on the little bedroom deck overlooking the most breathtaking ocean view.

via Fancy Windows via Homelife

Photography by Kevin Emirali.

Wednesday 24 October 2012

Paulina Arcklin - Picture This

I recently blogged about an apartment that had been furnished and styled by the VT Wonen team for their digital Magalogue. The photos I featured were taken by a Finnish photographer, Paulina Arcklin. While researching Paulina for that feature, I knew I had to show you more of her work - it's so gorgeous, and she has put together a unique concept for her business.

Based in Amsterdam, Paulina has spent the last seven years working as a freelance interior writer, stylist and photographer for international interior magazines. Now she has taken all of her talents and experience and formed a business called Picture This. She can provide a full service package for companies wanting to market their products. From conception to planning, photo styling and photography - she can do it all and save you the hassle of having to hire three different people.

These days with more and more people shopping and buying online, you need to showcase your products in the best possible light. Beautiful styling, and photography will definitely help to sell your products, and Paulina is the one to help you. Although she is based in Amsterdam, she can travel anywhere. Below are just a few examples of her work - some she has just photographed; others she has planned, styled and photographed. You can see many more examples on her website.

Tuesday 23 October 2012

Lisa Quinn-Schofield - Featherhorse

One of the things I love about blogging is the amazing network of like-minded friends I have made from all over the world. One such person, Lisa Quinn-Schofield, is like a kindred spirit. We found each other via Facebook and Pinterest, and it became very apparent how similar our tastes are. Lisa has a Facebook page under her business name of Featherhorse, where she shares her love of interiors, art and design.

After swapping emails we realised just how similar our lives were - passionate about interior design, mothers of young daughters, married to surfer boys, lovers of Scandi meets boho meets retro vintage!... So I was thrilled when Lisa agreed to let me do a feature on her gorgeous home, and ask her a few questions.

Lisa and her husband Trent have lived in their Western Australia home for three years now. They share it with their two beautiful daughters, Sana age 5, Arlie age 1, and also Hudson their gorgeous weimarana dog. After renovating two other homes, they fell in love with the location of their current home, which is a five minute drive to the beach, perfect for Trent, who is a keen surfer. 

With Trent's background in horticulture (and now real estate) and Lisa's in design, they have used their talents to turn their house into a stunning family haven. Lisa is a talented artist and is currently working on a body of art work. She balances this with motherhood, and working part time at Coco Republic assisting with styling and decorating.

The lounge: Lisa painted the yellow X on a plain cushion and made another with
leftover Florence Broadhurst's Stampede fabric; the others are from Ikea and Spotlight.
The yellow side table is from Freedom, and the rug a great find from Spotlight.
The Osborne & Little wallpaper beyond echoes the golden tones.

Lounge details: A Phillipe Stark ghost chair contrasts nicely with a sculptural coat rack from Empire.
Lisa's creativity, and touches of yellow, can be found in her woven sticks and dream catcher.

Dining and kitchen: Lisa's love of Scandinavian design is evident here in the clean lines,
and black & white colour scheme. The warm, golden hues in the replica tolix chairs and
accessories, keep the continuity flowing from the living room. 

Dining reverse: The curves in the round mirror, the chairs, the painting,
and the cowhide, counterbalance the hard lines found in the other furniture.

Dining details: Treasures and momentos add personality.

Dining corners: A beautiful mix of textures. The chair covered in
Florence Broadhurst's Stampede fabric sits below one of Lisa's paintings.

Bedroom: Lisa & Trent's bedroom has a sophisticated beachy feel - a perfect blend of the two of them.
A neutral base is layered with pattern and texture to create a beautiful oasis.
The artwork above the bed is by Lisa.

Bedroom: Layers of subtle texture and pattern.

Arlie's room: Again you can see the Scandinavian influence - the art on the wall is by Lisa, and she made
the owls too. Also a touch of girly beach culture in the VW - a tea towel stretched over a canvas.

Art: A stunning ink work by Lisa. She likes the lines created by using a stick,
and it doesn't suck up the ink like a pen or brush would.

Art: A dream catcher and God's eye (woven sticks) by Lisa.

Where do you get your interior inspiration?
So many places... fashion, nature, vintage, modern. I'm totally inspired by interior designer and stylist, Sibella Court. I love the way she mixes curiosities and found treasures in her interiors - it's unpredictable and unique, and also very personal. I also love the simplicity of Scandinavian design, the muted palette and their love of nature. And I really enjoy the styling of Jason Grant - it's clever, cheeky and fun.

What's your advice to others when it comes to decorating their home?
Get inspired and get real; be true to yourself - don't be afraid to break the rules when decorating your own space. It should be a reflection of you and what you love to be surrounded by. I buy neutral, classic furniture pieces and then go nuts with the accessories. I'm not precious with the decorative pieces - ornaments, throws, cushions, art, even paint and wallpaper - I move them around, change them, re-paint, re-cover. I'm always experimenting, my home is ever evolving. Also, upcycle - use found objects and give them new life. Some of my favourite pieces are things we've found on the side of the road.

This is one talented, stylish gal! Make sure you 'like' her on Facebook to see all her upcoming artwork, and be inspired daily be her interiors images. Check her out on Pinterest too. All photos above are by Lanie Sims Photography.
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