Monday, 29 October 2012

Bonnie and Neil

Bonnie and Neil are a-maz-ing!!! I absolutely love everything they make, and it just keeps getting better. I was totally hooked the first time I saw one of their shadow boxes a couple of years ago. They're made from reclaimed Tasmanian oak with birds, botanical, and geometric patterns printed on the sides. The boxes can be stacked or used alone, as shelving, a bedside table, or purely decorative... however you want.

Bonnie Ashley has a background in textile design and printing, and Neil Downie is a skilled designer and furniture maker. What a perfect way to combine their talents - stories like theirs always inspire me to follow my dream.

Their latest product really excites me! They have designed a range of timber tiles inspired by traditional Mexican tiles, and created as a decorative alternative to wallpaper. The colours and patterns are just divine, I'm crazy about them.

The tiles look fabulous with their range of cushions and textiles, which I have also coveted for some time. Hand screen printed on rustic linens or soft coton velveteens, the designs are bold and graphic and beautiful.

Another of their brilliant ideas... flower mats. Again, made from Tasmanian oak with beautiful patterns printed, they house an amber bottle for a truly unique flower display. Such clever and fabulous products!


  1. i have always loved them too! love these tiles!!!! (and the pink tablecloth!)

  2. The timber tiles are so very very cool! I'm crazy about them too! Thanks for sharing. Yels x

  3. Oh yes, these are fabulous! Thanks for the introduction Vic!

  4. Their stuff is really cool. I always notice it at one of my favourite local stores. The timber tiles are a fab idea :)

    Abbey x

  5. I love seeing the prints/patterns on the wood pieces. These are brilliant.

  6. I'd just been looking at boxed/cube storage yesterday. I love the flexibility of them. These ones are gorgeous - thanks for sharing x


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