Wednesday 3 October 2012

Greenhouse Interiors

I would like to thank Desire to Inspire for introducing me to another amazing stylist, Julia Green. Julia had spent years collecting beautiful, unique pieces for her home, and with a strong business background, in 2011 she decided to turn that love of interiors into a job. 

Greenhouse Interiors started out as an interior styling business, but Julia has since added prop rental and location hire to her repertoire. Her newest venture mentoring and representing up and coming Melbourne designers really keeps this Mum of two busy, but extremely thankful to be able to turn her passion into a career. Below is just a taste of Julia's fabulous style...


  1. Beautiful! Wow she is basically doing exactly what I hope to be doing one day. Very inspiring. Thank you for sharing x

  2. I am so glad this was the first post I opened today as there is so much eye candy to take in! Julia is obviously one talented lady!

  3. I love the yellow cane chair and coloured pouffs! Is that a shop in the last image - I'd love to step inside for a closer look - so much eye-candy! x

    1. Pretty gorg alright Michelle. It's hut 13 in Melbourne, check ou their FB page -

  4. Thanks for the introduction! That green ladder is Fabulous with a capital 'F'! :)

  5. She has pretty amazing style for sure! Thanks for sharing Vic :)

    Abbey x

  6. Isn't she clever? I don't know whether to smile or cry when I see other mums juggling it all so stylishly! A x


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