Thursday 11 October 2012

Jaime & Trelise

Last night I watched Episode 5 of a 6 part reality series called 'The Ridges'. For all you non-Kiwi's, it's about mother & daughter duo, Sally & Jaime Ridge, who are famous for being famous. Very briefly... Sally was thrust into the limelight at age 18 when she married Matthew Ridge - played for the All Blacks, captained The Warriors rugby league team, and a well known NZ TV presenter. Sally has also been a TV presenter on several interior design shows, and has great style. Jaime, their eldest daughter, has grown up in the spotlight.

Sally and Jaime open the doors to their home and open their hearts to the camera. They get quite a hard time by the press, and I'm sure people will have plenty to say about the show. But what I love about it is the fashion. Jaime, who is a gorgeous girl, loves her clothes and I tune in each week to see her next Trelise Cooper outfit. Trelise is one of New Zealand's most successful fashion designers, Jaime obviously loves her, as do I. Her designs are beautiful, feminine, and embrace colour and pattern - you see why I'm a fan!...

Jaime (right) wears Trelise Cooper 'Tail of Woe' dress to a masquerade party in episode 1

Here is the dress in full length, available in pink or yellow - I absolutely adore it!

On the left Jaime wears Coop 'Tokyo Summer' dress,
and last night she looked stunning in the 'Prints Charming' pants

Another view of the 'Tokyo Summer' dress (left), and 'Perception' dress (right)

Chelsea Winter (left), 2011 winner of NZ MasterChef, looks amazing in Trelise Cooper 'Hot Glossip' dress - another favourite of mine. And an example of Trelise's love of pattern mixing at NZ Fashion Week (right)

Cooper Winter 2012 campaign - featured on Pinterest

I own these Coop 'Skinny Mini' pants (left) - how cool are they?!
And I'm coveting this Trelise Cooper 'Beach Babe' dress for summer

More gorgeous pattern mixing

For much more also see Trelise Cooper Online | Blog | Facebook | Pinterest | Twitter


  1. I agree Vic, it's an amazing brand. Really popular here in Oz too :)

    Abbey x

  2. I admit, I've been tuning in each week :-) The yellow dress Jaime wore is amazing - love the back cutout. And the 'beach babe' dress would certainly be a stunning addition to the Summer wardrobe! x


It's lovely to hear from you. Thanks for your comment. Best wishes, Vic xxx

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