Friday 12 October 2012

The Home of an Architect

Let's finish this week with an amazing house tour. It's the home of Spanish architect, Alberto Marcos. With large open spaces, exposed beams, and lots of clean lines it's really stunning. Throw in lots of classic designer furniture, beautiful light fittings and art, splashes of bold colour, and quirky touches, and it makes for one incredible home.



  1. Chic and the clean lines and amazing chairs. Thrilled to be your newest follower!

  2. Awesome. Loving that shower that you can see in the corner of a pic. xx

  3. Love this inspiration, I will have to re write my next post though as I had done it on beams too, how funny is that :)...our styles are quite different though, your interiors have a clean contemporary look and my chosen beamed ceilings are very country.

    I found image 9 really interesting, very contemporary walls with what appear to be ancient beams.

  4. Such a beautiful home... Even though its a big space it feels homey and warm with an impressive flow throughout - fabulous!

  5. The exposed beams and the double-story bookcase?! This home really has charm without feeling cluttered.

  6. Gosh that bookcase is amazing! Lots of great lighting in this one too :)

    Abbey x


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