Wednesday 10 October 2012

Casa of Jaime Lacasa

I'm always fascinated by interiors styled by men, as I have quite a feminine style. For my husband's sake, I do try to keep him in mind when I'm decorating our home, but when my favourite colour is hot pink, and we have three daughters, it's never going to be mistaken for a 'man cave'.

I absolutely love this home, which belongs to one very stylish dude - Jaime Lacasa. Jaime is an interior stylist and owner of furniture and menswear boutique Scooter & Jimmy's Scooter, so naturally his Madrid apartment is gorgeous... in a rugged way! It's filled with delicious vintage furniture, cool artwork, and pops of bold colour. My favourite pieces are the blue velvet covered seats on the vintage leather suite, and the massive photograph that runs the width of the end wall. Very cool, don't you agree?!

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  1. I love that it is subtly masculine - just little touches like the use of blue and the distressed sofa. The glass partition wall is fantastic!

  2. I agree Vic, it's a very stylish space. I love the blue floor and all those window panels. Very cool! Things are a bit the same at our place, hubby just has to deal with my love of pink :)

    Abbey x

  3. That glass partition wall is amazing.

  4. What color blue is the velvet on the sofa? Royal? Peacock? Any chance on finding out where it came from. I am obsessed with this sofa and need a velvet cover for an old leather chair. Thanks in advance!!

    1. I would call it a cobalt blue. I'm not sure where you live, but if in NZ, Unique fabric has some lovely velvets - try the Martine range. x


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