Thursday 16 August 2012

A Shop within a Home

I recently had a lot of fun styling a large double window shop frontage. Imagine if you were given an empty apartment, and could style the entire place with product from your shop. Especially if the product was as amazing as the treasures you'll find at Fenton & Fenton.
It would look something like this...



  1. It's lovely isn't it? Love the ikat lampshade and that upholstered bed is fab. Annie x.

  2. Now there's an exciting thought! I think I would be in 7th heaven! I love your choices Vic, the bedroom in particular has me swooning!

  3. I agree Vic, would be a great project. Especially if the store were Fenton & Fenton!

    Abbey x

  4. So much to admire - I especially love the vibrant artwork.

  5. Oh My Gosh! I adore this home, it makes me want to re-decorate my whole house. I love that bed and some of the paintings are fabulous.

    Thanks for sharing Vic. Thank you also for your lovely comments on my recent loss.

    Lee :)

    1. You're welcome Lee. I think you're amazing x

  6. Oh how beautiful! That must have been an awful lot of fun!

  7. Love this decoration. I made my room like this and give such a relaxing space!


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