Thursday 22 March 2012

Two Become One

This gorgeous Swedish home started out life as two small flats, but they were in such a state of disrepair that the owners knocked down walls and started again, creating one beautiful space. With it's lovely simplistic colour scheme of white and black and just enough colour added, it's definitely my kind of home! I like the mix of modern and pre-loved pieces - just enough to make it look homely, without feeling cluttered.

Love the artwork that can be easily interchangeable

Beautiful wallpaper

Note the cool inset wine rack in the photo to the left and the one above

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  1. Sooooo many things to like!
    My favourites......
    the floorboards and the kitchen tiles.
    TM xx

  2. Fantastic photos, very inspiring ...


  3. What a great use of space, love that lovely yellow wallpaper :)

    Abbey x

  4. I really like the work area with its traditional desk and mid century chair.

  5. I love that wallpaper, it is gorgeous! Excited to follow your blog:)

  6. I love the beautiful natural floors they choose. It makes the space look so bright. I feel like the big wall over the buffet in the living room is calling out for a huge piece of colourful art, though. But, what the owners have done is absolutely gorgeous all 'round.


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