Thursday 15 December 2011

Room Crush

I have a crush on both these rooms, although the first is more of a space than room (a nook)!

I love the vastness of the 'Z' in comparison to the tiny chairs & table - very cool!

Awesome kitchen & dining - great lights, barstools, funky 10 seater table, and it looks like the poster can slide over the chalkboard - wohoo!

images via interiors porn


  1. The scale of the Z does make a fabulous impact Vic :)

    Abbey x

  2. I love the chalk board its devine, brings back memories of school (a very long time ago. I love your style, thanks for sharing, I will follow on my way out so I know the path back to your lovely blog. I hope you will find the time to come visit my place soon and do the same. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and look forward to supporting your blog in 2012. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  3. Hi Vic! I just found your lovely blog through a comment you made on 'five kinds of happy', so glad I found another Kiwi blogger! Following along and can't wait to read more and wow, your online shop is gorgeous (I am a total cushion addict too!) :) xo Kirsty

  4. A dining room after my own heart! Rustic table with generous seating, industrial lighting, blackboard - love it!

  5. Oh I love love love this! wish it was my house. Have a great week before christmas. Are you going to be at the market tomorrow? Im hoping to stop by. Amy x


It's lovely to hear from you. Thanks for your comment. Best wishes, Vic xxx

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