Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Camilla Krishnaswamy - Part 2

If you saw my Friday post, you'll remember I had more breathtaking photos to show you from Camilla Krishnaswamy's interior styling portfolio. The fact that she has such beautiful pieces to work with certainly helps, but I just love the creative ways she finds for her displays. For example, showcasing gorgeous fabrics by draping them over horse's backs, or wrapping around hay bales; and teacups balanced one on top of each other like a beautiful, precarious tower. And the sense of depth in the window displays (the last two photos), has you mesmerised as you take it all in - every last glorious piece!


  1. You got me when you said teacups....
    Love the kitchen pictures too!!
    Donna x

  2. Her work is so diverse ... this series of images is quite different from the last, but equally enthralling! Love her creativity, especially the kitchen image, teacups and hanging empty frames x

  3. Diverse is right. Love the fabric on the hay bales. xx

  4. Happy new year Vic! These are gorgeous. So much to look at :)

    Abbey x


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