Tuesday 19 February 2013

A Home Filled With Love

Today I wanted to take you on a little tour around the beautiful home of blogger and textile artist Mecha, her husband Juan, and their gorgeous kids Lola and Joaquin. I just love this home - it's real, it's filled with warmth and personality, you can just feel the love!

Mecha has a lot of her textile work around their home, and there are stories everywhere you look. Furniture bought 2nd hand or found on the street has been restored and given a new lease on life. Some have been left as they are, too weathered and beautiful to touch. And the vibrant colours bring warmth, life, and contrast to the rustic brick walls and wood floors.

images via here and here

Make sure you check out Mecha's blog and see more of her home and textile work.


  1. Love the eclectic feel and the way they've balanced that brickwork - it doesn't feel too full on or masculine!!!

  2. love the brick walls with the white bookcases, and the colour of the stairs! gorgeous, and full of warmth and love as you say.

  3. Great home- thanks for sharing it! I am loving the painted stairs and the exposed brick

  4. I love this home too, lots of fun colour. Check out her beautiful daughter in tree pose....Too cute! Yels x

  5. I'm always in awe of people who can find things on the street and give them a new lease of life! This is such a warm and welcoming home!

  6. Yellow outdoor furniture - love! Also the bricks and the bedroom - that headboard is amazing and the little blue lamp and floral throw. On to her blog now...! x

  7. It isn't really my style but you hit it on the head when you said this "home is filled with love". It seems to exude from everywhere, a really "lived" in feeling of a relaxed and stress free atmosphere.

    I must check out her textiles.



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