Monday 25 March 2013

Hannah Blackmore Photography

Hannah Blackmore is a Sydney based wedding and lifestyle photographer, and her work is just sublime! If it looks familiar, that may be because she has photographed some of my most favourite bedrooms ever, which I have featured on the blog before. Some of them you will have seen in the amazing online magazine Adore also.

As well as the big picture, I love the way Hannah captures all the details. It's those details that I'm crazy about, as these are the things that bring a room or a space to life. And it's these details that help to tell the whole story in Hannah's work.

It was really hard for me to narrow down my selection of photos to show you here, they are all so fabulous. So go and check out all her work for yourself. And Hannah also has a separate website for her wedding portfolio, which (as you can imagine) is gorgeous. You'll also find her blog on this site which keeps you up to date with all of her latest wedding work.


  1. Beautiful images- and all so impeccably styled.

  2. I love Hannah's work. I discovered her via Adore Home and my PR friend who was based in OZ a while ago. I think she's definitely one to watch! x


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