Wednesday 4 December 2013

Gypsy | Sibella Court

I recently received my copy of Sibella Court's latest book, Gypsy, and, like all Sibella's books, it's a work of art. The cover is just divine, incorporating not only colour and pattern, but texture too - totally touchable and delicious!

In 'Gypsy' we join Sibella on her travels to Galapagos & Ecuador, Indochine, Turkey, Scotland, and Transylvania. She has an amazing way of seeing the world, not just with her eyes, but all her senses. She has developed her own range of soap based on the scents from some of the countries she's visited. But the main focus of this book is colour.

Sibella believes places reveal their identity through a colour palette, and in 'Gypsy' she has developed a palette for each country. Whether it's from the landscape, the architecture, the food... anything really. Her colour palette may be different to the one you would develop, but Sibella teaches you how to discover and create your own.

The photos throughout the book are absolutely stunning. Sibella takes her own while traveling, and her brother, Chris Court, photographs all the travel-inspired interiors that Sibella creates when she gets home.

By layering objects she's picked up on her travels, with products from shop owners, artists, and designers, Sibella recreates the look and feel of these beautiful locations. I'm always blown away at how clever she is at doing this. Her interiors are full of life and are so interesting, you want to know the stories behind them.

And that is the point... "Let your house be a place to tell stories. By surrounding yourself with objects and translations of your very own travel observations, you create a place full of your memories; a unique, authentic space that reflects your personality. It is the lives lived in a house that makes it a home".

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