Monday 15 December 2014

Finding The Perfect Toilet Roll Holder

I want to apologise for my slightly sporadic blog posts over the last week. You all know what a crazy, busy time December is! Dael and I are working long hours getting interior projects finished and our new office/showroom ready for opening early next year. But if you're renovating your bathroom in the near future, I'm sure you'll love today's post. Remember back here when I showed you my newly renovated toilet...

Well for the last four months we've been balancing the roll of toilet paper on the top of the loo behind. That's because I'd rather go without than put the wrong holder up. I wanted something simple, understated, but classy. Sure it's a functional item, but I also wanted it to look amazing, after all it's the little details that can make all the difference. I finally found this gorgeous brass toilet paper holder from Ferm Living.

Although it seemed to be sold out in every single online shop I tried, I was determined to track one down, and eventually bought mine from in Germany. I had to wait several weeks until they were back in stock and then have it shipped to my UK YouShop address (you can read all about how that marvellous service works here and here, I use it all the time!). The wait was totally worth it, I love how simple and elegant it is, and how the brass and wood work with my colour scheme.

When Dael renovated her toilet recently she chose to buy a standard holder (available from most hardware and plumbing shops) and turn it into something special by having it powder coated a fun colour.

I love the idea of powder coating, but I had my heart set on a touch of brass, so spent a lot of time looking into different options. This gorgeous loo roll holder (below) is part of the Simplify project by Group Work Studio in Australia. This was one of my favourites, but unfortunately they hadn't gone into production on their pieces at the time.

I also love onefortythree's tissue roll holder, but the white and brass was sold out, and although I love the aqua, I knew the colour wasn't quite right for my loo (also available in black and mint green).

Another clever idea is this toilet roll holder inspired by sailing equipment. It's part of the Diabolo collection, designed by Yang:Ripol Design Studio for Vandiss.

Last, but not least, the Roll With It (great name!) toilet paper holder by Assembly Design is very cool too - once again, simple by classy. It comes in a range of finishes including walnut and brass which would be my pick.

So those are my picks for toilet roll holders. I love mine, but to be honest I'd be happy with any of these choices. I know they're all from international shops, but if they don't ship to NZ, just set yourself up an account with NZ Post's YouShop, and you can have an address in the US, the UK, and China. I use this service a lot - it's fantastic and it opens up so many more possibilities with your online shopping.


  1. Great choice in Roll holders. I have considered using the YouShop post option, Is it cheaper to use even if the company ships internationaly?

    1. It depends on the individual shop. I've only used it with shops that don't ship to NZ, and my YouShop postage has always been around NZ$20-25 (although it depends on the size and weight). It's great if they offer free shipping within their country, as you only have to pay one postal fee from the NZ Post warehouse to NZ. If you know the size and weight of your product you can get an idea of the postage here - x


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