Friday 9 January 2015

White - Definitely Not Boring!

White... oh how I love it! People often underestimate it when it comes to interior decorating, some have even called it boring - gasp! White is crisp, fresh and powerful, it will never, ever date. Everything looks good with white, and it makes the perfect backdrop for all of your furnishings, artwork and accessories. Dael & I use it a lot in our Bibby + Brady interiors, and we have a white for every room. Resene Alabaster is a crisp, fresh white, perfect for light, bright rooms. Resene Half Bianca is a beautiful fleecy white, a tad warmer than Alabaster - a favourite of ours. Resene Half Merino is a lovely milky white and looks beautiful with wood. These are just a few of our favourite whites.


White can be used to create stunning neutral interiors. The trick is to mix with other neutrals like black and grey, add touches of wood, gold and brass for warmth, and make sure there is lots and lots of texture. How lovely do luscious green plants look against a white backdrop?!

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As much as I admire these beautiful, peaceful rooms, I love to have colour around me. This is where white as a backdrop is invaluable. What better way to showcase that amazing art, or let your gorgeous, colourful rug shine?! If, like me, your home is ever-changing, you can introduce new pieces, create new looks easily without having to re-paint.

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There are, of course, times and places where colour or wallpaper on the walls will look amazing, and we love to use them to create zones in open plan spaces. But make sure that anything with high impact compliments the rest of the things in that room, rather than fights with them for attention. I will never tire of white walls. And rest assured, if we choose white for your space, Dael & I spend time making sure it's the perfect white for you. If you want any help with colour choices in your home or business we'd love to help.

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