Monday, 9 February 2015

Finny & Co | Giveaway

I'm very excited to bring you our first giveaway for the year, especially because I have tried this product and I think it's absolutely brilliant! Finny & Co is a new company that has solved the problem of many a parent... quality fitted bed sheets that stay made!

Fed up with the difficult task of making her son's top bunk bed, mother of three, Suzie began her search for the perfect bunk bed sheets. When she had no luck Suzie decided to make her own, and after many trials she developed a set where the top and bottom sheets were attached by buttons, but could be separated for washing.

When all of her friends saw how fantastic this system was, and how easy it was for the kids to make their own bed, Suzie and her sewing maching had to work overtime to make more and more sheet sets. The demand was there, this is the sign of a great product.

Made from the best 250 thread count 100% white cotton, the set comes with a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, and a pillow case. Available in single and king single sizes. See how it works...

I too am a mother of three, and with the twins sharing a bunk bed I can relate to the practicality of bunks, but also the frustration of having to make them. My daughters were thrilled with their Finny & Co sheets, and proudly told me, after making their beds the first morning, that they looked like "mum-made beds!" The bottom sheet securely tucks under the mattress, and the top sheet buttons onto it, so the bed stays neat and tidy and snug.

My eldest daughter is a delightful tween-ager with far better things to do with her time than make her remarkably messy bed. It was a constant source of contention between us. But with Finny & Co sheets on her bed she now has no trouble making her bed each morning, and all is peaceful in our household (most of the time!).

If you think that all sounds wonderful, we are giving you the chance to WIN your very own set of Finny & Co sheets. To enter simply 'like' the Finny & Co Facebook page and email me to let me know you have done so. For an extra entry 'like' the Finny & Co post on my Facebook page. The competition is open to all NZ and Australian readers, and the winner can choose between a single and king single sheet set. Entries close 3pm this Friday 13th February (lucky for one!) and the winner will be contacted by email and announced on the Cush & Nooks Facebook page. Good luck.



  1. HI Vic - just happened to be in Ahuriri (spelling??) yesterday on our way back from Taupo, so of course I had to go looking for your new office/showroom!! I was very lucky that Dael just happened to be outside at the time, and she very kindly opened up and let us have a sneak peek inside. How fabulous to have your own space now, ladies. Tiny, but a fabulous start. I can see you taking over the building next door in a few years, then another in Auckland, Melbourne, New York..... just saying!! Anyway - congratulations on the new pad - looks fabulous. And the plants will look great once they fill out and start flowering. Perfect!! Best wishes, Rachel x

    1. Thanks Rachel, Dael said you stopped by. It's a great start for us in such a bustling wee area of Ahuriri, we're thrilled. There are a few more portulaca flowers starting to appear. I can't wait til they're a riot of colour. x


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