Friday 27 March 2015

Fi's Living Room | Bibby + Brady

All week I've been trying to bring you these photos featuring the living room of a lovely Bibby + Brady client. It's taken 'til Friday afternoon for me to find a quiet hour to do that. So here goes... Nearing the end of her twenties, Fi decided it was time to venture into the real estate market and she fell in love with this beautiful old character cottage. A smart young professional with a great sense of style and fabulous taste, Fi still felt like she needed some help pulling all her ideas together. It can be scary starting out, not knowing where to begin! Being a loyal Cush & Nooks follower she knew our styles were compatible, and Dael & I were only too happy to help.

The house is small but oozing with personality and has amazing original features, like the fireplace and ceiling (look out for the dining room post next week). A lot of necessary, but invisible work needed to be done first, including rewiring and insulation. Then we recommended freshening with a lovely soft white on the walls.

We wanted to give Fi's home a young, hip feel with an eclectic mix of pieces. A new sofa, coffee table and Armadillo rug were the first to be purchased. Her clever mum sewed her curtains out of gorgeous jade coloured velvet.

Fi had lots of favourite prints and pieces of art. Many of these were hung on the wall above the TV, so as not to make it the main focus of the room.

A new fire was fitted and shelves were added to the left of the fireplace. As a solicitor, Fi has plenty of books, but these have been broken up with ornaments and knick knacks.

We have had so much fun working with Fi, and hope there will be more rooms to come. I will be featuring her dining room next week on the blog. Many people have crazy-busy work lives these days, and simply don't have the time to source furniture and homeware, or to organise trades people. If this is you and you need some interior help, please get in touch with us, we would love to help you with as much or as little as you need.


  1. Hi. Love the octagon side table. Where is it from?

    1. That came from a second hand shop - sorry to not be more help :) x


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