Monday, 6 April 2015

My Kitchen | Part 4 - Getting Closer

I thought I'd better update you on our kitchen reno. Things are progressing nicely - the builder has done a fantastic job getting the walls nice and straight, which is never an easy job with an old house. With the insulation in and the gib up, the plasterer then did his part. He has put the cornice up in the dining room, and will finish in the kitchen once the cabinets get installed. This weekend my husband, Mark, and his dad, Peter, have been busy painting the walls and ceiling in my favourite Resene Alabaster.

This week the floor boards will be sanded and polished. You can see in the pic below how there was a space between the kitchen and dining room with no floor boards (there used to be a sheet of plain chip board). The kitchen was a later addition, and the boards in the two rooms are different widths. We decided to make a feature of the separation rather than trying to disguise it.

Mark & I selected some recycled rimu boards and our builder, Glynn, lay them perpendicular to the other boards. I took inspiration from Emily Henderson who used brass strips on her kitchen splash back. After a lot of searching I found some bars of solid brass from The Littelmetals Company, and we're going to have them grouted either side of the middle strip of floor boards. I was excited when I saw this image (second below) on LeeAnn Yare's instagram page - this is what we're hoping to achieve, minus the marble.

The lights I've chosen for above our breakfast bar are a gorgeous mix of glass and copper - these are available through Bibby + Brady Interiors. Another touch of metallic will be introduced in the handles. Most of our cabinetry is handleless but these brass handles will be used on the bi-fold doors on the pantry and the European laundry. Although I got loads of suggestions via Facebook on where to get brass handles in NZ, I just couldn't find any I liked as much as the ones from Schoolhouse Electric.

This week the floor will be finished and the architraves will go on around the windows and door. Then next week we are scheduled for the kitchen to be installed - hallelujah!

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