Monday, 19 October 2015

Styling a Long Shelf

On Friday night we took part in a fantastic Design + Style evening. It was a fundraiser for the Te Awanga Kindy, and Dael and I demonstrated how we work with colour and pattern, and also styled a console table with three different looks. We wanted to give the women who attended some simple tips that they could take home and try in their own home. Our main advice is to work with groupings of objects; vary your scale and texture for interest; and layer, layer, layer!

At the end of the evening somebody asked me how to style a really long shelf as she was having trouble with one in her home, so I thought it might be helpful to show you all some examples. Stick with adding pieces of varying heights, and create smaller groupings along the shelf. Break up the smaller objects with larger pieces to add weight - pictures hung on the wall behind can help to achieve this.

As well as wall hung art, you can also lean artwork or mirrors against the wall for a more casual feel. If you have a window this will act the same as art, contrasting with the smaller objects.

It's nice to keep some areas empty on the shelf to give your eye a little breather. Remember, when it comes to styling your home it's that last 15% - the vases, the candles, the little curiosities - that turn a house into a home. Display pieces that you love, and have meaning to you, and your home will always make you happy.

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