Monday, 9 November 2015

The Block Villa Wars | Outdoor Room Reveal

Boy oh boy, a lot went down last week on The Block Villa Wars! I'll give you a quick run down... Brooke and Mitch shocked everyone by giving out 0's when judging each other's rooms. After winning three rooms in a row they are by far the wealthiest team, which is why Sarah and Minanne took $1000 off them in a previous challenge (they were forced to take the challenge winnings from another team). "We wanted our $1000 back!", Brooke exclaimed. Needless to say, this didn't go down too well with others.

Sarah and Minanne finally won something in the plank challenge, which saw them take home $8000 worth of outdoor furniture. Cat and Jeremy won a humungous BBQ, and in the most recent challenge - to create their partner's likeness out of vegetables - an hour of labour from another team. Guess who they chose? Yep, Brooke and Mitch :)

Cat and Jeremy: 1st place | 18 points

After winning a bonus point in the vegetable challenge, Cat and Jeremy just pipped Jamie and Hayden by half a point in the room reveal win for their outdoor room. Each team designed their privacy screen and Cat and Jeremy's was my fave. They created several zones and included a custom made fire pit.

Each team also had to finish their guest bedroom from week 1 - remember they've all swapped houses since then. If they finished this room by "tools down" they each receive a bonus $15,000 in their bank account. Cat and Jeremy failed to attach some skirting board and get cushions for their window seat, but host Mark Richardson allowed them 24 hours to get that sorted - lucky! They gave their signature style of soft pastels and a relaxed vibe.

Jamie and Hayden: 2nd place | 17.5 points

The judges scored Jamie and Hayden the highest this week, and if it wasn't for Cat and Jeremy with their bonus point, they would've taken out their first win (we all know they desperately needed that money). Tears were shed as Hayden revealed that his much-loved grandfather had passed away a few weeks before. He apologised for his recent grumpy behaviour and dedicated their winning room (well, almost) to his Granddad.

Their deck was amazing with Martin the builder working tirelessly to create a herringbone deck and feature wall, and featured a privacy screen designed to echo the pattern. It was light and airy, a far cry from their dark rooms inside.

The guest bedroom carried on their black and white theme, but lots of white made it less severe than last week's master bedroom. They were the only team who completely finished this room, so will get their $15,000 straight away.

Brooke and Mitch: 3rd place | 17 points

I think we were all pleased that Brook and Mitch didn't make it four in a row, but they were close with only one point less than the winning team. Their outdoor room was finished to a high standard, and the built-in BBQ area was great.

As much as the hanging garden looks fab, anyone who is a "Block" fan will know they've been done over and over again on each season in Australia and NZ. I want to see some fresh ideas!!! What about the TV? Lots of people will love it, I'm sure, although it's not something I would choose to have in my outdoor room.

The guest bedroom is clean and tidy and works with their exisiting rooms, but needs some serious personality injected. It is a blank canvas for future owners though, so someone can stamp their mark on it. They just needed to put a door handle on to finish their room completely.

Sarah and Minanne: 4th place | 14.5 points

Once again I think the girls were a little harshly judged. I thought their deck, privacy screens and house colour - Dulux Pukaki - were lovely. They did have the smallest BBQ, but it's still functional and practical, maybe just not having the same "wow" factor.

The girls' guest bedroom is simple and serene - another blank canvas - but they are being consistent with the rest of the house. Other than missing a door, their room was also complete.

So what will this coming week bring us on The Block? Something about an engagement ring?... tune in to TV3 find out!


  1. I think Brook & Mitch had the best outdoor room from what I have seen on the TV. They don't moan all the time like the others. If the other teams wor like this team maybe they would have won some more money.

  2. I thought the girls were the best, it was nice to see outdoor furniture that wasn't all wood - bench seats are not that comfortable to sit on for more than an hour and their styling and colours were all complimentary. Underwhelming is the theme for this entire series really, don't know why I am still watching it!


It's lovely to hear from you. Thanks for your comment. Best wishes, Vic xxx

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