Wednesday 9 November 2011

Dogs Inside

As much as I like cats (we have two of our own), I am definitely a 'dog' person. So beautiful and loyal, they're always there for you, never hold a grudge, always so happy to see you. Every morning when I get up, Sam is ecstatic to see me. She's slept on the floor next to me all night, but you'd think we'd been separated for weeks by her reaction to my waking.

I understand why some dog owners prefer theirs to stay outside, they can make a mess. But my dogs are, and will always be, inside dogs. They are part of the family, and they live with us. Sam loves to be outside, but more than that, she loves to be near me - as I type this she is lying at my feet. So I had a lovely time viewing my latest blog discovery, Dogs Inside. It features dogs (obviously) inside some very cool homes...

But if you don't want your dog/s sleeping on your pillow...

Or your best sofa...

You should invest in one of Cush & Nooks' custom made dog beds. They are filled with tiny balls of wool that massage your dog as they lie on it. And best of all, you get to pick your fabric to tie in with your decor. Your pooch will no longer be interested in your furniture, they'll be fighting the cats for their own special bed!

Cush & Nooks small designer dog bed - modeled by Coco

This organised entryway is fantastic with it's doggy picture wall, dog bowls, walking clothes and leads all ready to go. And wouldn't one of our beds just look perfect at the bottom there?!

Cush & Nooks medium designer dog bed - modeled by Max

Cush & Nooks large designer dog bed - modeled by Sam


  1. Thanks for all your fabulous support on the facebook page Vic........from one dog lover to another cheers Crispin

  2. Your dog beds are so lovely Vic. Dogs posing for photos always crack me up! Great shots :)

    Abbey x

  3. Our two miniature schnauzer's are definitely inside dogs also! Ever since we moved to the UK, they much prefer to be inside ... who could blame them!
    Lovely beds Vic!


  4. Thanks for your comments girls. You're so welcome Crispin, Facebook is such a great marketing tool. Abbey, you should've seen us trying to get the dogs to sit still - Sam is giving us her trade-mark goofy smile. Marina, I would not like to be an outside dog in the UK, bbrrrr! xxx


It's lovely to hear from you. Thanks for your comment. Best wishes, Vic xxx

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