Tuesday 15 November 2011

Great finds

I have had a couple of great finds in the last two days. I discovered the blog of another phenomenal interior designer/stylist, Emily Henderson, via my friend Abbey from Gild & Grace. Go and have a look on both these blogs when you get a chance - take a cuppa and stay a while as there is lots of loveliness to see. I'm really taken by this image on Emily's blog - clever and quirky - I like!

Also, ever since featuring this cute kitchen on my blog recently, my awesome friend Bec & I have been hunting high and low for some bright coloured baskets like the ones in these pics.
If any of you know where we can find similar I'd love to hear from you.

Today Bec found these fab Nesting Baskets. Not quite as big, but still pretty gorgeous, and will look great in our kitchens, I'm sure. Good on you Girl. xxx


  1. Could you find some cool baskets that fit your size and shape criteria and just spray paint them? Just an idea! :)

  2. Thanks Vic, too kind :) Emily henderson's work is divine for sure. Will keep my eye out re the baskets, your friend has done well with those cute little baskets, gorgeous :)

    Abbey x

  3. I love these - such nice bright colours. That's a good idea about spraying them a different colour too if youcan't find any?

  4. What a cheerful kitchen. I will definitely keep an eye out for those baskets!

  5. Ohhh I cant wait to sit down with a cuppa and check out Emilys blog. Love that image. Amy x

  6. Really, these fab Nesting Baskets are still pretty gorgeous and will look great in y our kitchens, I'm sure. Thanks for sharing your tips Vic Bibby.


It's lovely to hear from you. Thanks for your comment. Best wishes, Vic xxx

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