Tuesday 31 January 2012

Slow Wood

I came across this beautiful furniture called Slow Wood. It's handmade in Fryslan, which, I believe, is north of the Netherlands (correct me if I'm wrong). I love the simple, clean lines of the furniture and a choice of coloured base. The Slow Wood philosophy is to create timeless pieces of quality furniture with a raw natural elegance and a low impact on our planet.
Even the paints used are ecological mineral paints obtained without any synthetic solvents or other irritant substances. To see and read more, click here.

pic via style.life.home and roger that


  1. How do you always manage to find things that I fall head over heels for? I love this! The pieces look so smooth and natural! The tray is my favourite!

  2. The small table at the end is my fave (and due to the yellow base, I suspect it might be your fave as well)

  3. These are lovely pieces Vic, great find! Loving that one that looks a bit like a tray table. Have a great day :)

    Abbey x

  4. How fun...love the pop of color in these pieces!!

  5. The pieces look so tactile and perfect. Love love love.


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