Friday 7 December 2012

Fane Flaws - Xmas Specials

Here in Hawke's Bay we are so lucky to have an amazing art community. One of our most well known and respected artists is the multi-talented Fane Flaws. Starting out as a graphic designer, he is also a musician, writer, director of award-winning music videos, short films and TV commercials, painter and sculptor. And, as if that wasn't enough, I've had the pleasure of attending an event that he was MC'ing, and he is a fabulous speaker!

Photo via Clever Hunting

My favourite of Fane's creations has to be his series of birds made out of demolition timber - now there is a brilliant way to upcycle! If you think they look good in these photos, wait until you see them up close - the texture is incredible, and they create an amazing statement piece for your wall, either on their own, or grouped together. 

As a Christmas special for all my Cush & Nooks' readers, Fane is offering his smaller birds (approx 300 x 200mm), and tikis for $200 each, or $550 for three.

And he also has a couple of larger birds, two swans and a large pale tiki available for $600 each. These would make fantastic Christmas gifts (I know I'd love one), but get in quick to secure your favourite. Contact Fane through his website.

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  1. we are so similar! i have always loved his work too...i especially love his paintings..he's a very clever man.


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