Tuesday 18 December 2012

Take a Breath

With all the craziness that comes a week before Christmas, this home will help to soothe your soul and ease your stresses away. Stop, take a breath, and drink in the tranquility!

The Danish home has a beautiful light and open feel created by the white walls and ceiling, light parquet floors, and large french doors that open out to gorgeous views. The door between the living room and kitchen has been removed, the space widened, and a built-in bookshelf added to accentuate the open living.

Posters from Theatre Republique in Copenhagen bring pops of neon colour to the otherwise quiet colour scheme.


  1. Love the splashes of pink and orange

  2. I love the poster line up! We are so in sync!! Giggle x

  3. Beautiful. Oh I need to spend even just 5 minutes in a house like this to de-stress a little bit!

  4. Ah yes, I needed a bit of peace and tranquillity! Those pale herringbone floors certainly made my heart beat faster. I also adore the beautiful deck area outside!


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