Friday 20 September 2013

Introducing Chalk Paint™ decorative paint

With my frequent travels throughout the cyber world, I have recently become aware of a unique and fascinating product called Chalk Paint™ decorative paint. This amazing paint was developed by paint legend, Annie Sloan, over 20 years ago. Not chalkboard paint or paint with chalk added to it, Chalk Paint™ was named for it's velvety matt, almost chalky finish.

One of the things that really appeals to me about this paint is that it's extremely user-friendly and rarely requires any preparation such as sanding or priming. You can use it indoors and outdoors, and on just about any surface - wood, metal, matte plastic, terracotta... You can use it on furniture, walls, ceiling and floors, and it contains no lead and has no odour - sounds fantastic!

The great news for all of us down-under is that it has just been launched in New Zealand so we'll all be able to experience the brilliance! I was thrilled to receive a copy of Annie's latest book 'Colour Recipes for Painted Furniture and More' this week. Packed with 40 step-by-step projects, this book shows you how to update tired furniture and transform your home.

Working with her own range of paints, Annie teaches us how to work with colour and undertake projects in lots of different styles, from French to Swedish, Boho Chic to Modern Contemporary.

Annie has chosen her palette of colours carefully, inspired by 18th and 20th century décor and design. They range from soft, pale hues to bright, vivid tones. My favourites are the blue and green tones, in particular 'Florence' - found in neoclassical Italian and French interiors, this sophisticated colour springs from copper green minerals and malachite.

These delightful kitchen chairs are one of the projects outlined in the book. Annie wanted to introduce some colour to help brighten up the dark kitchen, and shows us exactly how she achieved the look.

My absolute favourite project is this gorgeous painted and gilded bed. By painting the bed Antibes Green then gilding the central laurel leaves, Annie has created a divine centrepiece for the room.

Close behind the bed is this spectacular copper leaf bath. Copper leaf is layered over my favourite Florence paint, which is similar to the colour of verdigris - perfect!

As well as the paint you can purchase everything else you might need to create these works of art - loose leaf copper, brass & aluminium; soft wax to achieve a subtle sheen as well as protection and durability; the most delicious looking, pure bristle paint brushes; and more. The leaf is due to to be launched in Australia soon, so I'm sure it will be available in new Zealand soon too.

Make sure you visit one of our local stockists and try Chalk Paint™ for yourself. And if you do, please send me photos, I'd love to see how you've used it.


  1. Gulp. This is gorgeous. You show us how you use it, first!! I also want to try the rusted steel paint you can get - well - it gives the effect of rusted steel. Ever used that??

    1. No I haven't Rachel. But I'm definitely going to try and brass leaf now - I love it! x

  2. Snap! I have launched the chalk paint too, yesterday :), I have a lovely book to give-a-way called 'Creating The French Look' by Annie. I am eagerly awaiting my paint and colour recipe book too as I am starting a couple of projects and collaborating with Olivia from Lucille in Wellington who is going to make over a few pieces of furniture.

    Lovely post and now I even more excited about receiving the colour mix book.

    Lee :)

  3. I love the chalky texture it creates and those metallics look amazing as well. Clever lady x

  4. you did an amazing work, thanks.Brown TV Bed


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