Thursday 26 September 2013

Magenta Magic

You all know by now that colour is my drug! It makes me happy - simple as that. But there's one colour in particular that makes my heart beat a little bit faster than the rest... call it what you like - magenta, hot pink, fuchsia, crimson - I'm crazy about it. Team it with inky blues, crisp white, emerald green, or sparkling gold and I'm swooning!

Is there a colour that has the same effect on you?

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  1. Gorgeous Vic. I have a friend who has a bedroom with soft grey and white and she has a couple of cushions on the bed in fuchsia which actually makes the room.

  2. Love these images - I even repinned one, and I quite agree about the colour. When done right, it can look amazing in an adult setting instead of instantly screaming young girl's room.

  3. Oh, I love hot pink too. Funny how just seeing this colour makes me happier, and I love all these photos! When I create a painting and it's missing something, often a touch of pink that completes it.

  4. Super, super, super! So nice, there is always place for pink x x


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