Tuesday 26 November 2013

Art Above the Bed

The bed is the main focal point in a bedroom, but I love artwork over the bed to anchor it's position. A single, large piece of art can act as a headboard.

You don't always have to have everything symmetrical, sometimes asymmetrical can be more interesting. The smaller print in the image below has the lamp, and the stronger blue pillowcase, to help balance it against the larger one.

Some wallpaper can work as artwork in it's own right. This beautiful Piet Hein Eek wood design is quite a feature. Having the typographical print off-set means the wallpaper remains the hero, and the simple, graphic nature of the print doesn't fight with the business of the wood panelling.

Instead of a single large piece of art, you can opt for lots of smaller ones.

If you're a lover of colour, then embrace it!

And if not, then choose the opposite and keep it simple and monochromatic. Having a simple shelf above the bed means you can swap your artwork whenever the mood takes you.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

So, which is your favourite?


  1. i like them all, but i think i would be most comfortable in the wood wallpaper one and the last one...they look quite calming...

  2. I love the first one for its colours, artwork and graphic bedding, and the last one for its monochrome simplicity. I also think a picture ledge above the bed is a great way to display art x

  3. I love the black and white photography in the last image, I tried a picture ledge when I was decorating my guest bedroom but installed it in the wrong place. It just wasn't right for that room but I may still use it and thinking about my hallway.

    Lee :)


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