Wednesday 6 November 2013

Middle Eastern Picnic Rug

I have the perfect picnic rug for you this summer, and many, many more to come. These amazing Middle Eastern picnic rugs are made in Saudi Arabia, a country where the people have learnt to live in their harsh and demanding environment. Where their tents and rugs need to be resistant to wind, rain and sun.

A polyester top in traditional patterns, each one unique, is paired with a tarpaulin lining for an extremely durable, and water resistant rug. Available in two generous sizes - 2 x 3m and 2 x 4m - you can comfortably fit a large family or group of friends on these rugs.

photos by Sarah Horn

The rugs are designed to be rolled up and easily carried by a sturdy handle, so they're perfect to have in the back of your car for whenever you might need them. Granted, they may be a bit more expensive than your standard picnic blanket, but in the long run, they will save you money. When your cheaper and smaller blankets deteriorate (as many of mine have), these rugs will continue to see you through many special times - they are made to last!

Pop over to the Cush & Nooks online shop to see the full range of stunning ethnic designs.


  1. These are beautiful Vic, love the bottom left.

  2. Thanks Amy, they're very cool! x

  3. wow. the one in the top image is gorgeous.

  4. Oh these are amazing - I'd love one for family picnics. Such vibrant colours x


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