Wednesday 19 March 2014

Spain meets Scandinavia

I have a beautiful home to share with you today - the home of interior designer, Merixtel Riba, located in the Spanish district, Barcelona L'Eixample. I was inspired by it's design, and I know you will be too. It boasts a lovely, clean Scandinavian aesthetic, paired with delicious accents of Spanish colour and pattern.

Merixtel allotted a third of the 400 square meter home to her office and showroom, and the other two thirds is the family home.

The neutral backdrop of white walls and wooden floors, and the uncluttered styling is distinctly Scandinavian.

This room, with it's many doors and windows, could've been tricky to furnish, but having all the furniture in the middle anchored by the large round rug is genius.

The original handcrafted Catalan brick roof, which was uncovered during the renovation, was left exposed as a feature in the kitchen. Beautiful Moroccan tiles on the floor bring more warmth to the room. Hard lines and industrial touches define the kitchen area, while the dining area alongside consists of softer materials and lots of curves.

The striking simplicity and clean lines continue in the bedroom and bathroom. The dark walls in the bathroom contrast the lighter walls throughout the rest of the home.

source: Rum Hemma | photography: Mauricio Fuertes

A gorgeous home, don't you agree?! Clean and uncluttered, while still being warm and welcoming.


  1. Love it....all!! Vanessa

  2. Love the round rug and the other circular elements on it. Looks like a real home, not just a styled version for the cameras. Gorgeous. Rx

  3. Oh those Spanish tiles! I also really like the simple/clean arrangement of the open living and dining area.

  4. Hi Vic, a really lovely find. Those red roof tiles left as a feature are amazing as are the tiles… oh and the space in the middle of the room… That's what I love about european style, they think beyond and give their own stamp. Love it! Mel x

  5. A beautiful home, I love the textures, actually, as I speak I am looking at a very similar rug to the one in the second image. I have an over-dyed vintage Turkish patchwork rug and a non patchwork over-dyed vintage rug I am trying to decide tonight which one I am purchasing for my home office.

    There are some fascinating combinations of textures in this home such as the tiles, wood and what looks like bricks in the ceiling of the it!

  6. This home is lovely! Can anyone tell me what color the light gray paint on the walls is?

    1. I couldn't tell you exactly what colour they've used here Kim. But I love Resene Silver Chalice - it's a silver grey not browny/donkey grey. You could try either half or quarter Silver Chalice to achieve this look. x

    2. Thank you so much Vic, I appreciate it!


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